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In order to choose the right pergola for your yard, garden or garden, it is useful to be aware of certain items before buying.

When it comes to pergolas, aesthetics and functionality are combined in this construction. The pergola protects your space from external factors, at the same time making the space richer and more beautiful. This leads to the next question – what are pergolas anyway? Pergolas are modern moving systems that consist of pillars and canopies, and serve to protect from the sun, rain and other external influences. There are different types of pergolas, such as classic, bioclimatic, aluminum, hanging, and freestanding pergolas, and they are all part of the Oktavus offer. At the same time, one of the advantages of pergolas is that they are very adaptable, and it is convenient to adapt them to different environments.

In that case, make sure that the pergola you choose aesthetically matches your yard. In addition, there are other elements of your home that can dictate the look of the pergola, such as the gate, the access to the yard and the house or bar itself.
The material is another important factor in your decision, because it has a certain influence on the appearance and longevity of the pergola. Octave produces pergolas made of PVC-based materials (3D block out) or aluminum, which makes them very resistant and durable, without the need for maintenance.

In addition to its function of protection from bad weather and sunlight, the pergola will provide you with a place to relax and spend time outdoors. Whether you need it for your home, cafe, restaurant or any other place, the pergola is an extension of the space where you can stay regularly during warm weather. In that case, knowing the basic purpose of the pergola in your space, you will make your choice easier.

Unlike other constructions that have a similar function of protection from the sun and weather, the pergola stands out for its adaptability, diversity in offer, and style. Also, pergolas provide the opportunity to express your taste, because you can determine the shape, size, type and appearance of the pergola.

In order to find the ideal solution for your yard and determine your priorities when choosing a pergola, the Oktavus team is ready to help you and with its experience try to find the best solution that will suit your preferences and your space!

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