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In addition to the standard offer in our range, the Oktavus team also offers the possibility of performing original solutions and constructions in accordance with the needs of your project.

We are aware that in many cases, universal solutions do not meet the requirements of the conceptual creator of the project, which is why we work directly with architects and contractors and adapt the design in accordance with the needs of individual and specific projects.

Our services include complete changes in color, dimensions, construction, fine finishes and design to meet planed criteria and functionality in line with designer expectations.

Commercial solutions that will contribute to the quality of your business

The Oktavus team offers services and products that will directly contribute to the quality of your business and make your customers feel more comfortable in your facility.

With our products, improve your business and extend the working season by implementing glass systems and roofs, which will contribute to the appearance of your facility.

Glass systems, awnings and pergolas from our offer are a great solution for cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels that want to improve the appearance of the space and extend the period of work even during the winter season and the colder period. The modern, elegant and minimalist design of our products will additionally contribute to the aesthetics of each building.

Your clients will be able to enjoy an airy and bright space throughout the year. Glass systems and pergolas can also be a very attractive solution for pool protection, which will give the impression of luxury and communicate your premium services in an appropriate way.

Direct communication and consultation throughout the process

Our priority is to produce a final solution that fully meets the needs of the client and the project. That is why the Oktavus team is in direct communication with architects, contractors and designers throughout the process. Our team goes out on the field and, in cooperation with the designers, researches the best solutions for a given construction.

We are here to fulfill the wishes of the creators, but also to offer professional advice that will provide optimal functionality and the appropriate solution for a unique project. Octave team values ​​originality and creativity, which is why we actively participate in the whole process.

Complete custom design according to your project

We agree that there is no universal solution for every space, especially if it is an original project – that is why we have provided the option of custom design in accordance with your requirements.

All our products – pergolas, sliding systems, motorized aluminum venetian blinds and others, can be customized to the needs and functionality in accordance with which can be applied design of unique construction, color changes, mechanisms and meet other individual requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us for agreements and questions – only together will we find the optimal solution for your project.


Are you interested in our services?

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, information or assistance – we are here to try to answer any of your concerns and requests. Fill out the inquiry form and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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