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The free-standing pergola is a movable roof system that is installed independently of the building, which is why it is a very practical solution for different exteriors. Its aluminum construction is stable and practical for installation in the garden of catering facilities, as well as private yards and swimming pools. You can customize this mobile roof system via the Smart solution, which is using the remote control.

Take a look at the freestanding pergolas from the Oktavus offer, and choose a modern solution for the desired space.

Characteristics of freestanding pergolas

The free-standing pergola is made on the basis of PVC, which protects from the unwanted effects of precipitation and sunlight. This modern roof system is installed independently of any building, which is why it is extremely practical and provides greater mobility.

Also, freestanding pergolas can be moved with the remote control, thanks to the Somfy motor built into this movable roof system. Freestanding pergolas are enhanced by LED lighting, which contributes to the practicality, but also to the visual effect of the entire aluminum construction.

Freestanding pergola as a modern and adaptable solution for gardens

The mobility of a free-standing pergola is reflected in the fact that it does not rely on any facility, which is why you can place it all over the yard, garden of any catering facility, when the conditions require it.

Also, this pergola is extremely practical to place above the pool in the yard – in this way it provides protection from the sun’s heat and UV rays, as well as from precipitation. The advantage is that, if necessary, the free-standing pergola can be moved.

Whether you need a free-standing pergola for the garden of a restaurant, cafe, pub or your yard, with your wishes and our suggestions, we will give the best solutions for the desired space.

Order Oktavus freestanding pergolas

If you want a modern and multifunctional solution for the yard or garden of your restaurant, contact our team, which in cooperation with the architects provides adequate options for you, and will help you order freestanding pergolas.

Feel free to contact us and send us an inquiry, and our team will provide you with the necessary information as soon as possible.


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