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Motorized vertical sliding glass systems are intended for side glazing of your terrace. Motorized systems are a great insulation of the space, and along the way they will provide a panoramic view from your terrace. The glasses are made in the dimensions of 4 x 16 x 4 mm, and if necessary, they can be adapted to different spaces. They are powered by a MOSEL motor and remote control.

Take a look at the motorized vertical sliding glass systems from the Oktavus offer, and choose the desired system for your terrace.

Production of motorized glass

Motorized vertical movable glass are made of tempered and thermal insulation glass measuring 4 mm x 16 mm x 4 mm. The maximum width of the system is up to 3900 mm, and the maximum height is up to 3000 mm.

Tempered glass has proven to be significantly more resistant and of better quality than ordinary glass, which is why it is the choice when making motorized vertical moving glasses. This system is practical, saves space, creates a separate room, and is long-lasting due to the quality materials from which it is made.

Rely on Oktavus and choose quality

If you are planning to glaze your terrace, or to adapt your business space, the motorized vertical moving windows from the Oktavus offer are an excellent investment, which will bring you a quality result adapted to the desired look.

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