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Rolling garage doors are intended to protect the garage or storage from external influences such as wind, rain and snow. The contribute to the security of your property that you want to keep behind closed doors.

Rolling garage doors are a very practical and modern solution that, due to its minimalist, fits into any exterior and space.

Rolling garage doors are motorized and easy to use, and they work on remote control and represent a smart solution for modern projects and facilities. The maximum dimension for the width is 6 meters, while the maximum height is 3 meters. The width of the lamella guide is 77 mm.

Garage roller doors from our range have internal insulation, which gives them wide possibilities for using the protected space. Take a look at roller garage doors from our range and choose quality protection for your garage, which will contribute to the luxurious look of your exterior.

Why choose rolling garage doors to protect your space?

Rolling garage doors are an ideal aesthetic solution for your exterior. Rolling garage doors from our offer come in four neutral colors – gray, white, anthracite and black, so they are very easy to fit. Rolling garage doors are aesthetically pleasing to any space and architectural style, thanks to their minimalist design.

Garage rolling shutters are very easy to use. They have a motorized system that is powered by a remote control. Another advantage of garage rolling shutters from our range is the internal insulation, which provides excellent sound and heat protection.

Designed to provide a luxurious garage look and a smart solution for modern facilities, with very simple use – roller garage doors are an ideal choice for protecting the desired space.

Rolling garage doors - price and functions of garage rolling doors

When it comes to rolling garage doors, the price can vary depending on the dimensions and functionality. Garage rolling shutters from our range have internal insulation, which is why they provide protection with high functionality. The garage door itself is of top quality, while the internal insulation also provides noise protection.

In this way, rolling garage doors provide the possibility of using a protected space for multiple purposes. The price of the garage roller door includes a remote control with which you regulate the opening and closing, as well as an auxiliary hand tool – a crank.

Choose garage rolling shutters from the Oktavus offer

Take a look at our offer of rolling garage doors and provide your garage with quality protection from external factors, as well as the security of your property with smart technology.

If you have any doubts or questions, contact us without hesitation – and our expert team will try to resolve all your dilemmas and offer you an adequate solution.


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