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Glass doors can be used for interior partitioning or protection from external influences, when implemented on the balcony, terrace or entrance. They are a very popular and functional solution for business and residential premises. In the office and business space, they can be built into the wall or be part of a glass system.

In the living space, they are most often used as external doors for the terrace or balcony, but they are also a very elegant and modern solution as doors for the bedroom or bathroom. In our range you can find sensor glass doors and aluminum glass doors.

Due to their practicality and functionality, sensor glass doors are an ideal solution for catering and business premises such as hotels, shops and other facilities with higher daily traffic. They can be single-winged or double-winged, and they work on the principle of a sensor that reacts to movement.

Aluminum glass doors are doors with aluminum frame, and are fitting and receptive solution, due to its minimalist design. Take a look at our offer of glass doors and choose a quality and modern solution for your space.

Sensor glass door Don - the ideal solution for business premises and facilities

Sensor glass doors are primarily intended for business premises and catering facilities with a higher turnover of people who enter and exit every day and up to several times a day. As the name suggests, the sensor glass door works on the principle of a sensor that registers the movements of visitors.

That is why it is one of the most popular and functional solutions for business facilities. The glass can be tinted if desired, which contributes to privacy and is especially suitable for partitioning offices and meeting rooms.

Tinted glass also provides protection from direct sunlight, in case they are mounted on a balcony or terrace. They can be single-leaf and double-leaf, and made of tempered or laminated glass 8 mm thick, maximum height 230 cm.

According to your needs, the sensor glass door can be in any color from the RAL catalog. Sensor glass doors are very flexible and modern in design and will easily fit into any style of decoration, as well as the exterior. With the possibility of choosing a color, fit is guaranteed, while the space will get a more luxurious and refined look.

Aluminum glass door Raf - easily fitting door of high quality

Aluminum glass doors are equally used in residential and commercial spaces. Thanks to its aluminum frame, aluminum glass doors will enrich any space with a modern look. Thanks to their minimalist design, they fit equally well into any exterior and interior.

Aluminum glass doors can be made of thermo glass measuring 4 mm + 12 mm + 4 mm, or laminated glass 8 mm thick. If desired, they can be factory tinted, which is a great solution for balcony doors, as they provide excellent protection from direct sunlight.

In the business space, tinted aluminum glass doors are a common choice for partitioning offices or other rooms that require privacy.

Glass door price - what does the price of the door depend on?

When it comes to glass doors, the price can vary depending on various factors. The most obvious factor is certainly the size of the door, so as a rule, double-leaf sensor glass doors are more expensive than single-leaf ones. Also, the choice of glass – tempered, thermo or laminated directly affects the price of the product.

Another important factor that directly affects the price of glass doors are the dimensions of the door, as well as special customer requirements.

Choose quality glass doors from the Oktavus range

The Oktavus team also offers customization of our products to your individual needs and project. Our services include complete changes in color, dimensions, construction, fine finishes and design to meet customers planed criteria and functionality in line with designer expectations.

Take a look at our offer and choose a quality glass door, which will give your space an elegant look and reliable protection. If you have any doubts or questions, we encourage you to contact us without hesitation – and our expert team will try to resolve all your dilemmas and offer you an adequate solution.


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