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A hanging pergola is a modern movable roof system that hangs on the wall above the space you want to protect from rain, sun, heat and wind. Their advantage is that they leave free space under the pergola and represent an extremely modern and attractive solution for gardens of various catering facilities. You can adjust the hanging pergola via the remote control.

Take a look at the hanging pergolas from the Oktavus offer and choose a modern solution, which will provide not only functionality but also a great aesthetic experience.

A hanging pergola saves your space

The hanging pergola is placed on the outer wall above the space that needs to be protected from unwanted weather conditions. They can be made on the basis of PVC or 3D BLOCKOUT, but also of aluminum slats, and in both cases, you are protected from the unwanted effects of water due to precipitation, wind or sunlight.

The hanging pergola significantly saves your space, since the legs on which the pergola will rest are not placed, so the space under it is completely free and suitable for arranging as desired.

This movable roof system uses smart solutions, so the pergola can be moved with the remote control, and adjusted to your needs. Its start-up is made possible by the Somfy engine. There is also the possibility of installing LED lights, for a more attractive appearance.

Modern aesthetic solution for various objects

Since it leaves free space under itself, the hanging pergola is a practical solution for gardens of various catering facilities, such as cafes, restaurants, pubs, but also modern hotels.

A hanging pergola can also be a solution for a private yard, which will significantly give it a complete aesthetic experience, considering that it is an extremely modern roof system. Our team works directly with architects , we will offer you the best solution for the space where you want to place the pergola.

Order quality hanging pergolas from the Oktavus offer

If you want a modern roof system that can adapt to the needs of your space, and give you the opportunity to take full advantage of it, then Oktavus hanging pergolas can be the solution you are looking for.

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