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Glass systems made of high-quality tempered glass are extremely practical for glazed terraces and are aesthetically pleasing due to their modern design. The offer of our glass systems includes motorized vertical movable glass, sliding glass and sliding-folding glass system, as well as glazing of office space. Thermopane or tempered glass is a reliable choice for glazing all types of space, which maintains the desired temperature in the room, and in addition to high functionality, it also leaves a great aesthetic impression. Take a look at the glass systems from our offer, get acquainted with their characteristics and opt for our service.

Glass systems for terraces and gardens of modern design

Glass systems for terraces are made of tempered glass, and are part of modern methods of glazing terraces, loggias and balconies, as well as gardens of cafes, restaurants and hotels, or for glazing swimming pools. The glass sliding system enables an attractive appearance and multifunctionality of the glazed space. Tempered glass, is much more resistant and stronger than ordinary glass, which is why it maintains the temperature and protects from external factors such as noise and dust. The sliding system for terraces is extremely practical and saves space, which is another advantage, especially when you want to get additional functional space in your home.

Glass systems from the Oktavus offer

Part of our offer are motorized vertical moving windows, intended for side glazing of the terrace. Then, sliding glass is used for glazing panels, while sliding-folding glass systems are used for glazing all types of balconies and terraces. Our offer includes all modern and attractive ways of glazing terraces, and in addition to your wishes, we also take into account the advice given to us by architects, so that the final product would be the ideal solution for you.

A reliable solution for office space

Also, glass systems from our offer can be used for office space, installation of partition glass walls, which are a modern corporate solution, attractive appearance, but also high functionality, since they protect from noise and maintain the desired room temperature.

Select the glass system for the desired space

Choose the glass system for the desired space according to the parameters that are important to you, and our team is at your disposal with tips and guidelines that can help you reach the ideal solution. If you want to invest in quality and reliable glass, then the Oktavus team is the right choice. For any additional questions, we invite you to send us an inquiry, so that we can give you the information you need.


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