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Outdoor motorized aluminum venetian blinds are designed to effectively prevent the penetration of light and heat into your room, home or business premises. Unlike standard, canvas curtains, motorized aluminum venetian blinds increase the efficiency of protection because they are made of a special PVC-based material.

Our offer includes a complete aluminum construction with electrostatic paint, maximum width up to 4000 mm and height up to 3500 mm. Clients who choose external motorized aluminum venetian blinds from our offer, will provide a modern and efficient solution against the sun and heat in the desired space.

There are two options to choose from for the Garnet Venetian blind, remote control and wall switch. In addition to the position of closing and opening the venetian blinds, it is possible to collect them to the appropriate level, in a box that covers them.

Take a look at our offer and choose quality exterior motorized aluminum venetian blinds quickly and easily in just a few clicks.

Why are exterior motorized aluminum venetian blinds a great solution for your space?

Curtains are an indispensable part of any interior, and in addition to aesthetic, they also have an important protective function. External venetian blinds raise the level of protection from the sun and heat, which regulates the room temperature and makes significant savings in electricity consumption.

The complete aluminum construction with electrostatic paint and PVC-based material will successfully protect windows and space from rain and other precipitation. Thanks to the special material we use to make the curtains, a constant flow of air is ensured, while providing maximum protection.

For our clients, we have provided a large selection of color materials, so that external venetian blinds can successfully fit into any style of interior and exterior. The reduced design of the construction inconspicuously fits into any space.

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Our outdoor venetian blinds are intended for all those who are looking for a modern and efficient solution for protection from the sun, rain and heat in the home, bar or business premises.

If you are interested in buying, or need more information about motorized aluminum venetian blinds, we invite you to contact us without hesitation – our expert team will resolve all your doubts and offer an adequate solution for your space.


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