The classic pergola is a modern mobile system for protection from the sun, rain and other external influences. This classic pergola is made of a material based on PVC, that is, 3D block out, which is guaranteed protection against water, wind and sunlight. Take a look at the classic pergolas from our offer and choose a modern solution for your yard.

Construction and dimensions of a classic pergola

The construction and columns of the system of classic pergolas do not exceed the dimensions of 110 mm x 145 mm, and are made of extruded aluminum with an electrostatic paint finish. The color of the aluminum is chosen according to your requirements.

Classic pergolas can be mounted to expand part of the desired space, or a special part of your terrace and garden. The system has LED lighting and automatic movement that the Somfy motor allows, and the maximum width of the pergola projection is 10 meters, while the width of the maximum projection is 10 meters. It is possible to connect several pergolas, and this is something that is most often done.

The classic pergola is a simple and fitting solution for every home or business space, and the possibility of smart use – control with a remote control, gives it practicality. It is perfect for combinations with glass systems.

Aesthetically customizable solution for your exterior

The classic pergola is an attractive and aesthetically adaptable solution for your exterior. So, there is a whole palette of colors that you can choose as the basis of the pergola itself, while we make its canvas in white, cream, gray, anthracite and black.

These stylized shades will additionally emphasize modern LED lighting, which is why the final product will be an elegant pergola as a decoration in your yard.

Rely on the Oktavus team and choose pergolas

The classic pergola from the Oktavus range is an ideal solution for urban and stylized open spaces, which need additional functionality in the form of a mobile system that will protect them from the weather.

So, rely on us and our expediency, and as a result you will get the ideal solution for your exterior. For any additional information, do not hesitate to send us an inquiry, , and our expert team will offer you a solution as soon as possible.








Watch the video of what a classic pergola - Vitola - looks like

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