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If you want your space to be exposed to sunlight, but at the same time be closed, glass systems are the right solution.

Let’s say you own a cafe or restaurant. You would like to have extra space outside, and use the garden as a part of the facility when the weather is sunny. At the same time, you would like the space to be attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Glass systems just serve that purpose. Made of high-quality tempered glass, glass systems are very practical and resistant to external factors. In addition, the modern design will make any garden or terrace attractive to the eye.

There are three different types of glass systems that Oktavus makes: motorized vertical sliding glass, sliding left – right glass and sliding-folding glass system. Also, there is a service of glazing office space, which more and more companies are opting for.

Each of these glass systems has features that can make your choice easier.

Motorized vertical movable guillotine (STAUT)

These glasses are intended for side glazing of your terrace. This allows a panoramic view. They are made in dimensions 4 + 16 + 4mm, but, if necessary, can be adapted to different spaces. Isolation and remote control make this mobile (motorized) system very practical. If you opt for a guillotine, you will save space, that is, you will create a separate room that can serve you throughout the year. Each terrace or business space can be glazed with quality glass that guarantees longevity, but also aesthetic adaptability.

Sliding glass (MODULO)

These are glass panels that run on a sliding system. Tempered glass is made without a frame, and is more resistant and stronger than abundant glass. The maximum width of the system is 10 meters, and the maximum height is up to 2800 mm. In addition to being very simple and practical to use, this system is elegant and modern, which is why you can often see it on the terraces, loggias and balconies of owners who want to have a modern glazing solution. The sliding system provides you with additional functional space for your home, as well as for your business space. In conclusion, if you have a terrace or garden that you would like to equip with a modern glass system, sliding glass is the right solution for you.

Sliding folding glass systems (DOMINO)

Although it sounds similar, the sliding folding system is a little different. More precisely, the difference is in the sliding-folding system, and it is often the solution for installation on all types of balconies, whether it is a rectangular or angular balcony. These systems allow opening from all sides, and so the space is exposed at a time that suits you. You can usually see them in the open. Although, if you have a catering facility, or you want to partition your business space, the design of sliding folding glass systems will provide you with a modern and elegant solution.

If you want to invest in a quality and reliable glass system, see the Oktavus offer. We take care to combine aesthetics and functionality in our glass systems that we make. For every inquiry you have, you can contact us via the contact information you can find on the site. Therefore, we will do our best to provide you with a satisfactory solution for glazing your building.

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