Pergolas are modern mobile systems for protection from the sun, rain and other external influences. We offer classic, oval, hanging, freestanding, aluminum and bioclimatic pergolas, which protect against rain and allow for an uninterrupted stay outdoors. They are made of PVC-based materials (3D blockout) or aluminum, which do not leak water, protect from wind and sunlight. In addition to being a functional and high-quality solution for landscaping, they are aesthetically pleasing, since there is a possibility to choose the color of the pergola as desired. Take a look at the pergolas from our offer and choose the appropriate protection for your yard, shop or business space.

Why are pergolas a good solution for your space?

Pergolas are a movable external roof system, which consists of a stable construction and a canopy, which is made of different materials. Pergolas create the effect of an outdoor room, protecting from the sun, precipitation and wind. They are adapted to different weather conditions, and are designed to allow unobstructed view and enjoy the outdoors. Pergolas are freestanding constructions, and can be adapted to different open spaces. Their setting is suitable for the yard of a private house, as well as for the gardens of cafes and restaurants. In our range you can find classic, oval, hanging, freestanding, aluminum movable pergolas, as well as bioclimatic pergolas.

Pergolas as an attractive solution for your yard

Pergolas are an attractive solution for your yard, thanks to advanced features, which include a smart solution – the ability to control the pergola via remote control. They can be moved and adapted to different weather conditions, and their design fits into different exteriors. Our offer includes classic pergolas, made on the basis of PVC, which do not leak water, protect from wind and sun rays. There are also oval pergolas on offer, which have all the listed characteristics as well as classic ones, however, they stand out for their great aesthetic adaptability, so they can be hung and free-standing. In our range you will also find aluminum pergolas, as well as bioclimatic pergolas for additional protection from adverse weather conditions.

Price of pergolas - factors that affect the price

The price of a pergola depends on various factors. Among them are the material of the construction itself, the dimensions of the pergola, as well as its installation. When choosing a pergola, price is an important criterion, just like the quality of the pergola itself, which should be put in the first place. In this way, you invest in an attractive appearance and high functionality of the arranged space for rest in your yard.

Order high quality pergolas

The pergolas we make are a combination of a highly functional system, quality materials with a refined sense of aesthetics. Take a look at the Oktavus offer of pergolas, and do not hesitate to send us an inquiry so that one of our teammates can contact you.


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