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The oval pergola is suitable for specific projects and is made in accordance with a certain architectural aesthetic. They are modern mobile systems that protect from the sun, rain and other external influences, made on the basis of PVC, or 3D BLOCKOUT that protects from the effects of water, wind or sunlight. It is a smart system that is powered by a remote control.

Take a look at our offer for making oval pergolas and opt for high-quality oval pergolas.

Making oval pergolas

Pillars and construction of oval pergolas are made of extruded aluminum, with electrostatic paint as a finish that contributes to longevity. The color of this aluminum can be adapted to your requirements and needs.

Oval pergolas are an extremely attractive solution for extending the space, it is creating an outdoor corner. The system is enhanced by LED lighting, which starts automatically with the Somfy motor.

Unique solutions for your exterior

Since in many cases universal solutions do not meet the requirements of the conceptual creator of the project, which is why we work directly with architects and contractors, we adjust our design in accordance with the needs of individual and specific projects.

That is why all our solutions are unique and subject to change, so that the final product would be an ideal solution for a certain space.

Contemporary oval pergolas from the Oktavus offer

If you want a stylish, urban and high-quality roof system for a specific exterior, contact the Oktavus team, and we will do our best to put your ideas, as well as the architect’s advice, into practice, by creating attractive oval pergolas.

For all additional questions and information, feel free to send us an inquiry, and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.


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