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Do you want to have your own corner in the open air without being disturbed by sunlight? Let’s see why protection from the sun, rain, snow and other external influences has never been easier with the new aluminum movable pergola.

There are different types of pergolas made to adapt to a certain space or environment. The characteristics that distinguish them are the material, design and color you choose. If you look at the Oktavus offer, you will be able to see various pergolas such as standard, bioclimatic, freestanding and hanging pergolas. The reason why we single out the aluminum movable pergola is that it is new on our market, because of its functionality, and because it is very practical and long-lasting. In addition to protecting you from the weather and the sun, it provides excellent thermal insulation. It is larger than a standard pergola, which is why it is a popular solution for larger spaces such as gardens, cafes, restaurants and hotels. Of course, the aluminum movable pergola is not limited to these spaces, so you can install it for your pool, yard and business space.

What distinguishes it from a standard bioclimatic pergola is that you can assemble it and get a direct view of the sky.

Extruded aluminum makes the construction of these pergolas extremely strong and long-lasting, which is why they are often called “metal pergolas”. At the same time, electrostatic paint is used for the paint. The dimensional structures and columns of the system are 110 mm x 145 mm, the maximum width of the system is 6.5 mt, and the maximum projection is 7.5 meters. What makes these pergolas modern and practical is their one-button control – remote control. Aluminum movable panels (slats) can be moved and adjusted to your liking. The width of these panels is 280mm, and there is also the option of filling with purr foam under pressure to prevent the loss of thermal insulation. The system is usually without lighting, but there is an option to add LED lights, in order to contribute to the functionality and appearance of the space.

The reason why our clients often opt for aluminum movable pergola is the quality and reliability of the product. Compared to a standard pergola, it can be much larger, and they are more functional than bioclimatic pergolas due to the option of closing to the end, which creates an additional room with a view of the sky. Also, our clients are always satisfied with the customizable design of the aluminum movable pergola, because it is able to fit into different exteriors. These pergolas are an elegant decoration for the yard or garden of the restaurant, as well as for modern summer houses, which contributes to the overall aesthetics of a particular space. At the same time, our clients who are engaged in catering always find aluminum movable pergolas as a quality and attractive solution for their cafes and restaurants.

Aluminum movable pergolas are a combination of quality materials and a highly functional system, and are aesthetically pleasing for any space. You can find them in the Oktavus offer and opt for AJOLA aluminum movable pergolas. For any additional information, feel free to send us an inquiry, the Oktavus team is at your disposal.

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